Asia Cup: What will happen if rain affects the India vs Nepal match? Let’s Understand the whole equation

Asia Cup: What will happen if rain affects the India vs Nepal match? Let's Understand the whole equation
Asia Cup: What will happen if rain affects the India vs Nepal match?
Asia Cup: Since Nepal has already lost one match, their points are zero. If the India vs Nepal match also gets washed out, then India will enter Super-4 with two points and Nepal's journey will end here.

Asia Cup: The 5th and most important match of Asia Cup 2023 is to be played between India and Nepal today. The team that wins this match will qualify for Super-4 and the journey of the losing team will end here in this tournament. India is going to clash with Nepal for the first time in international cricket, in such a situation Nepal will be under a lot of pressure in front of the powerful team of Team India. However, he says that cricket is a game of uncertainties, no one can say what will happen in it. In such a situation, if Nepal makes a big upside down and succeeds in defeating India, then the journey of Team India will end here.

Apart from this, there is another question for the fans which is having a lot of fun. What if the Team India vs Team Nepal match gets washed out in the rain like the India vs Pakistan match? How will the decision be taken? If the same question is running in your mind, then you have come to the right place. We tell you how it will be decided if the India vs Nepal match gets washed out due to rain.

Before the equation of the India vs Nepal match, we should also know the weather conditions of Pallekele today. According to the report of Accuweather, there is an 89% chance of rain in the India vs Nepal match. In such a situation, there are total chances that this match will also be washed out. After 7 pm there are chances of light rain, in such a situation it can be expected that we will get to see a game of 20-20 overs. But can’t confirm that because even rain played spoilsport in India vs Pakistan.

What will happen if the India vs Nepal match gets washed away due to rain?

Pakistan has qualified for the Super-4 from Group A of the Asia Cup 2023. Today a knockout match is to be played between India and Nepal, The team that wins in this match will go ahead for Super-4 and the team that loses will go home. On the other hand, if rain disturbs the match, if the match gets washed away in the shower, then the entire benefit will go to the Indian team only. This is because Nepal lost their first match to Pakistan and had zero points while the Indian team’s first match was washed out due to rain leaving India and Pakistan to share one point each. India already has a point, if this match is also washed out by rain then the same point will be shared leaving India with 2 points and Nepal with only one point. In this way, India will go ahead and Nepal’s team will have to be out.

The conclusion is that if the match gets spoiled due to rain, then only India will go to the Super-4 and if Nepal wants to make a place in the Super-4, then they will have to defeat India and pray for no-rains.

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