ODI World Cup 2023: The schedule of the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 has been revealed,

ODI World Cup 2023: The schedule of the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 has been revealed,
The schedule of the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 has been revealed
India's first match in the World Cup could be against Australia. Meanwhile, Team India could play against Pakistan on October 15. The first and final match of the tournament could be played at the Ahmedabad stadium. The schedule of the One Day World Cup, which will be hosted by India this year, has been announced. Team India will play its 9 matches at 9 different venues.

There are barely four months till the start of the ICC One Day World Cup, but the event schedule has yet to be released. The schedules for the 2015 and 2019 World Cups were revealed over a year before the tournaments began. The schedule for this One Day World Cup has already been created by the BCCI. The tournament’s first match, according to the schedule, will take place on October 5. The tournament will begin with a match between the 2019 finalists, England and New Zealand. When all member countries have agreed on the final draught, it will be issued.

The schedule for the ICC World Cup 2023 has been suggested

The World Cup will be staged in India from October 5 to November 19, according to media reports. England, the current champion, could open the competition against New Zealand. This match will take organised in Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium. Similarly, the highly awaited match between India and Pakistan might take place on October 15 at the same ground. Team India will play its nine matches at nine different locations. Pakistan’s matches, on the other hand, will be hosted at five separate locations. There is a chance that the tournament final would also be held in Ahmedabad.

The BCCI sends the schedule to the ICC.

The drafting timetable has been given to the ICC by the BCCI. It will also be distributed for feedback to the nations that are participating. The final schedule will be available next week. The draught schedule does not specify the locations for the semifinals, which are expected to take place on November 15 and 16. The final will be held in Ahmedabad on November 19. The tournament’s opening match will also be held in Ahmedabad.

India’s Probable Schedule

India vs Australia, October 8, Chennai
India vs Afghanistan, October 11, Delhi
India vs Pakistan, October 15, Ahmedabad
India vs Bangladesh, October 19, Pune
India vs New Zealand, October 22, Dharamshala
India vs England, October 29, Lucknow
India vs Qualifier, November 2, Mumbai
India vs South Africa, November 5, Kolkata
India vs Qualifier, November 11, Bangalore

48 games between ten teams

The semifinals could be hosted at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. Each team will play nine league games. This will provide most Indian stadiums with at least one match. There will be 48 matches between the 10 teams in total. In addition to hosting India, England, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South Africa have all been confirmed. For the final two berths, a qualifying competition will be held in Zimbabwe in June and July. Aside from the two former champions, West Indies and Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Ireland, Nepal, Oman, Scotland, and the United Kingdom will compete.

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