Rinku Singh is on his path to becoming an outstanding finisher by following Dhoni’s competencies

Rinku Singh is on his path to becoming an outstanding finisher by following Dhoni's competencies
Rinku Singh (Image Source - X)
What makes Rinku Singh's claim to be India's next-best finisher even more impressive is the striking similarity in his approach and MSD's openness.

Indian cricket has a long history of producing exceptional finishers, with the great Mahendra Singh Dhoni standing as an epitome of calmness and finishing prowess. As the world of cricket evolves, the search for the next best finisher for India has become a topic of exciting discussion. In this story of growth, the rise of Rinku Singh has captured the imagination of fans and cricket pundits. The left-handed batsman, who made his mark in the IPL 2023 season and transitioned seamlessly onto the international stage, has been displaying finishing skills reminiscent of MSD. Can Rinku Singh be India’s next-best finisher? The answer, echoing his recent performances, appears to be a resounding “yes.”

IPL 2023: A pivotal moment for Rinku Singh’s career

Rinku Singh is on his path to becoming an outstanding finisher by following Dhoni's competencies
Rinku Singh after 5 sixes against GT (Image Source – X/@TATAIPL)

Rinku Singh’s journey to become a potential finisher for the Indian team begins in the IPL 2023 season. Before this crucial season, Singh had been a reliable contributor for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), playing handy innings and showcasing his talent in glimpses. However, it was in 2023 that he really announced himself on the grand stage.

In the absence of Shreyas Iyer, the responsibility of shaping the innings for KKR fell on the shoulders of Rinku Singh. What unfolded was nothing short of spectacular. In 14 matches, Singh scored 474 runs and emerged as the team’s leading run-scorer for the season. However, what set him apart was not just the number of runs, but the way he scored – aggressively and with the ability to finish games.

One particular instance that etched Rinku Singh’s name in IPL folklore happened against Gujarat Titans (GT). In a match where 28 runs were needed off the last five balls, Singh launched a brilliant attack and hit five consecutive sixes to give KKR a historic win. The courage to take on such a challenge and the ability to execute it with precision demonstrated Rinku’s temperament under pressure – something that is synonymous with great MSDs.

T20I series against Australia: Emerging finisher

Fast forward to the ongoing T20I series against Australia, Rinku Singh has parlayed his IPL success onto the international stage with ease. Singh has been playing a decisive role for India under the leadership of Suryakumar Yadav, fondly known as Sky.

In the first game of the series, Rinku Singh displayed strong courage and stepped up to the plate with the score tied. With the need to win the game on the last ball, Singh calmly sent it across the boundary line for a six, ensuring India’s victory. It was a moment reminiscent of Dhoni’s final heroics, and Singh’s celebration reflected the calm assurance that has been the former captain’s trademark.

Apart from this match-winning contribution, Singh has continued to play an impressive role. In the third T20I, he made a brilliant cameo, scoring 31 runs in just nine balls and leading India to a spectacular win by 44 runs. The ability to accelerate when required and provide the finishing touch is a quality that defines the role of a finisher, and Singh seems to have accepted this responsibility with open arms.

Similar to MSD Candor

Rinku Singh is on his path to becoming an outstanding finisher by following Dhoni's competencies
Rinku Singh and M S Dhoni (Image Source – X)

What makes Rinku Singh’s claim to be India’s next-best finisher even more impressive is the striking similarity in his approach and MSD’s openness. Like Dhoni, Singh shows calmness under pressure, understands the game situation minutely, and has the courage to back himself in high-pressure situations. His ability to finish games and his penchant for the unorthodox is reminiscent of the times when MSD used to take center stage and lead India to memorable wins.

Comparisons with Dhoni are not taken lightly, as the former captain is a towering figure in Indian cricket. However, the echoes of his playing style in Singh’s performance are undeniable. His knack for timing his innings, his ability to pick up the pace and his fearless approach to challenging run chases – all these aspects are reminiscent of the finishing maestro that India has sorely missed since Dhoni’s international retirement.

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Future prospects and challenges

As Rinku Singh continues to stake his claim to become India’s next-best finisher, the road ahead is not without challenges. As Singh’s career progresses, expectations and comparisons with Dhoni will increase. However, it is important to recognize that Singh is carving out his own niche by carrying on the legacy of his predecessors while imprinting his own unique style on the game.

The upcoming stages of Rinku Singh’s career, including the upcoming IPL season and international assignments, will undoubtedly shape the narrative around his finishing abilities. The challenges of consistency, adapting to different formats, and performing in high-risk scenarios are inherent in the role of a finisher. If Singh can deal with these challenges with the same grit and flair he has displayed so far, there is every reason to believe he can fill the void left by MSD and become India’s next celebrated finisher.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cricket, Rinku Singh’s emergence as a potential finisher is a testament to the depth and talent in the country. His journey from being a promising talent in the IPL to joining the national team and delivering match-winning performances is a story that all fans of the cricket world love.

As Singh continues to channel the MSD spirit and display the traits of an excellent finisher, whether he could be India’s next best finisher is increasingly being answered with a resounding “yes”. Echoes of Dhoni’s ultimate legacy are alive and well in Singh’s performance, and the prospect of seeing him evolve into the role is an exciting proposition for Indian cricket fans. The road ahead is challenging, but if the early signs are any indication, Rinku Singh could be the finishing maestro that India has been craving since the departure of Captain Cool.

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