T20 Blast: ‘Make sense of this Haidar Ali stumping’, Pakistani cricketer’s comedy

T20 Blast: 'Make sense of this Haidar Ali stumping', Pakistani cricketer's comedy
Screen Grabbed from twitter video shared by Vitality Blast

Watch the viral stumping of Haider Ali. Sometimes, such incidents happen on the cricket field that leaves you astounded. One such incident occurred in the T20 Blast.

We have witnessed instances of comedy of errors involving Pakistani cricketers on the cricket field numerous times. Whether it’s their peculiar run-outs or fumbled “lollipop catches,” we have seen it all. But now, another incident has surfaced that will keep you laughing.

In the T20 Blast tournament (T20 Blast 2023), Pakistani cricketer Haider Ali was dismissed in a unique manner, and the video of it is going viral on social media. In the video, you can see Haider leaving the crease and sprinting for runs after playing the ball. However, the ball remains with the wicketkeeper, providing an easy opportunity for a stumping.

This incident took place during the match between Warwickshire and Derbyshire when Haider Ali was stumped during Derbyshire’s innings. It so happened that Haider wanted to step forward and hit spinner Danny Briggs’ delivery. In response, the bowler cleverly delivered a yorker-length ball on the off-stump line, causing the batsman to miss his shot.

The ball reached the wicketkeeper, but he failed to catch it in the first attempt. This gave Haider another chance to return to his crease. He manages to reach the crease momentarily, but what transpires next will surely surprise you.

After evading the stumping, Haider, without comprehending the situation, once again leaves his crease to score runs. Witnessing this, the wicketkeeper swiftly dislodges the bails, resulting in Haider getting stumped out. At that moment, Haider is utterly perplexed about what just happened to him.

Even the non-striking batsman standing at the other end is left astonished. Subsequently, Haider, with a disappointed demeanour, heads back towards the pavilion. This video has gone viral on social media.

Regarding the match itself, Warwickshire’s team could only muster 203 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in their 20 overs, while Derbyshire’s team successfully chased down the target by scoring 207 runs in 19.3 overs. However, Haider Ali’s antics in the match left the fans in fits of laughter.

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