“When the God was sharing wisdom, then…” former Pakistani cricketer called Rahul Dravid a zero

"When the God was sharing wisdom, then…" former Pakistani cricketer called Rahul Dravid a zero
former Pakistani cricketer called Rahul Dravid a zero
He stated that India lost the match when captain Rohit Sharma..................

The Indian squad is struggling in the World Test Championship final. While batting first, the Australian team scored 469 runs. As a result, The Indians scored 296 runs in the first inning.

So far in the second innings, the Australian team has scored 123 runs while losing four wickets. The Australian squad now enjoys a 296-run advantage. Meanwhile, ex-Pakistani cricketer Basit Ali has slammed head coach Rahul Dravid. observing the Indian team’s terrible condition.

Throughout the first two hours of bowling, He established that bowling was similar to IPL. Only a miracle can now happen in the fourth inning. Throughout the 120 overs, I only saw Rahane, Kohli, and Jadeja among the Indian team’s fielders, while everyone else appeared fatigued.

Basit Ali targeted coach Rahul Dravid in addition to the players. “I am and will always be a big fan of Dravid,” he remarked. Rahul is a legendary player, but he is a complete failure as a coach. Did you work on turning pitches? Was there any difference in the pitch when India played Australia? Their pitch was animated. Only God knows your thoughts. You were probably buried behind the mountains when the man upstairs was distributing brains.”

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